cutting up a better night’s sleep. in steps

The first few weeks of honest-to-goodness live-aboard life were spent sleeping in the vee-berth on the foam mattress that came with the boat.  It’s good for a night or two but my back was beginning to complain after that third night.  Our fondest (sleep-centric) wish was to clear out the trunk berth in order to put our very expensive and very comfortable memory foam mattress in there. It is by far the most comfortable bed I have slept on and I had missed it every night (basically since packing everything up and moving to The Commune).

First we had to get Narnia under control.  This took a while since, as I have explained before, it had been torn apart, random stuff shoved in, moved around and completely messed up by the Delivery captain.   So the first step to a good night’s sleep was to reorganize Narnia.  It was no small task.  Each thing had to be evaluated to make sure it was acceptable, viable and necessary.  We threw out a lot.

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There’s something about a boat…

In the two months since we moved aboard time has both sped up and slowed down.

We no longer are counting back to our move-in date worrying about what an imposition we are being to whomever we are living with.  Instead we are counting back to our move-in date and wondering where the days have gone.  Summer is over and Fall is here.  We have spent nearly every evening in our cockpit: watching the sunset, looking out over the lights of lower Manhattan and enjoying our zillion dollar view.  Really and truly living our dream.

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