Cooking on board

I love to cook and one of the things I looked for in a boat was a galley (kitchen) that was usable and easy to cook in.  Our Amazon 37 definitely fit the bill with more counter space than our New York apartment (though with a much smaller stove and refrigerator!).  The cooking area is efficient and it really is a joy to cook in (especially now that I have my stove).  I have made some pretty fabulous meals and don’t feel that I am hindered in any way by my new cooking set-up!

Our Galley (from the "for sale" pictures - we don't have any good photos of the inside yet...)
Our Galley (from the “for sale” pictures – we don’t have any good photos of the inside yet…)

In addition to my love of cooking I am an admitted cookbook junkie.  I pared down to what I thought was the bare bones minimum before our big move.  It was quite an eye-opener when we started unpacking the three boxes of my cookbooks from storage.   Continue reading “Cooking on board”