Skipper Joe in the Galley Show!

On the boat next to us lives Skipper Joe; a musical, funny, all-around gifted dude.  He was the neighbor who provided the impromptu musical interlude between our de-naming ceremony and our naming ceremony.  The song he sang was Mr. Blue Sky (a totally appropriate song for a sailboat any time but especially during a completely-non-solemn ceremony) which may have been the highlight of the afternoon.

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nameless no more!

At the end of summer we de-named and re-named our boat.

It was a ceremony full of pomp and circumstance and booze.

After we had the repair work done to the transom, and had the boat painted, all vestiges of the old name were gone so we had been a nameless hulk for a couple of months.  A boat without a name is just a derelict, not a true boat.  I have read that boats are so personal and full of life that they are the only things (besides people and fancy-pants houses in the Hampton’s) that have proper names.

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