The tape and plastic and everything else is finally coming off!

My heart skipped a beat when I saw these pictures:

I just have no words to describe how marvelous this is…
She looks even better than I thought she would!
look at that reflection!

Pinstripes and boot

After the paint debacle the boatyard didn’t want to spend any more time on our paint job…

It was good that my Better Half was speaking with them.  I tend to get a little emotional and irrational..

Here are the pictures we received with the boot stripe and pinstripes taped off.




Not much longer now!


When I was a little girl one of the people in my church told a joke that went something like this:

Pastor jones decided that it was time to paint the church.  He went down to the store and got himself enough paint for the whole building.  As he was painting he noticed that he was using more than he had anticipated.  It’s ok, he thought, I’ll just add a little turpentine and it will be fine.  He painted more and more and he still had the entire front to do but he had less than a quarter of the paint left.  Well, the thought, I’ll just add a little more turpentine.  He started on the front and his paint just seemed to disappear out of his bucket.  He finished the whole thing but, by the time he was done he was using more turpentine than actual paint.  As he stepped back to survey his work a huge clap of thunder sounded and torrential rain washed off all the paint.  

The voice of God came from the heavens: he who thinneth must repaint!

I never liked that joke.  I didn’t think it was funny that God would punish someone for working.



We were very excited about the paint being applied to our boat that Tuesday afternoon!

In the evening my Better Half got a call from the boatyard: a thunderstorm had blown through (remember the dark clouds in the picture?) while they were painting and splotched the finish.  One side could be salvaged by being buffed out but the other side would have to be repainted.

The next day there were thunderstorms.

The next day there were thunderstorms.

The next day there were thunderstorms.

On Friday it was clear enough to paint the bad side again.  They were just finished when a strong wind sprang up and blew dirt and gravel into the fresh paint.


On Monday the paint was sanded down.

On Tuesday the paint was successfully applied.  Third time’s the charm.


I still don’t think that joke is funny.


Wonder of Wonders!

Miracle of Miracles!


Finally beautiful, glorious paint is being put on our boat!

it’s dark in the background but the sun is shining happily on our boat!
blue is beautiful!
it’s going to be amazing!
it’s starting to look like my photoshopped picture!
wow… that’s a big boat…
can’t wait; won’t be long now!

It is finally happening!

and more prep for paint

11 days later we received this e-mail:

Finish primer.

I am happy with this update.  I know what primer is!

look how smooth it is!
look how smooth it is!
so boaty and pretty!
so boaty and pretty!
excitement beyond belief!
excitement beyond belief!

This is really, really exciting!  We are finally getting somewhere!