From NJ to MA

We took 6 days to go from our marina in Jersey City, NJ to Fairhaven, MA. We could have done it more quickly but we were in a combination of vacation mode and ohcrapwecantbelieveweareactuallydoingthis mode. So, with that in mind, here is a recap of our trip:

Day 1: Jersey City to Oyster Bay, NY.

We didn’t sail at all as the little wind we had was almost completely on the nose the entire day. It was beautiful and sunshiny otherwise. The kitties settled down-ish once we were underway. Lola goes to sleep in whatever small, protected place she can find. Winston comes into the cockpit, yells at us, and usually settles down on my lap.

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I have mentioned Narnia a bit on this blog.

It’s a magical land that absorbs stuff.  There’s no telling what sort of amazing life our tools are having.  I like to imagine that Prince Multi-Tool and Princess Wire Brush, along with their trusty steed Ospho, are doing battle with Evil Witch Rust.  No, actually, that’s a bunch of crap.

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