Deutschland, Deutschland – day 2

Day 2 we took the train to see the the East Side Gallery, a section of the Berlin Wall that has been preserved as a giant art canvas.  It is quite long and there are beautiful and iconic art installations on display.  After crossing the Oberbaum Bridge into West Berlin we remarked on the drastic change of feeling between East and West even now, nearly 30 years after the Wall came down.

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moving day again

We were able to take possession of our boat the day after it was delivered.  We dropped off the rental car to the delivery captain and then drove back to Commune 2.0 where we gathered our things, collected HerSpouse, and packed the commune kittehs into the car.  It was pretty tight.  When we left Commune 1.0 we had a full car and, now, we have a whole other person (along with his own things) with us.  

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commuting from commune 2.0

I had once complained about commuting by train into Penn station.  Boy, was I ever mistaken.  If you want to be really miserable just commute by bus!

Over half a million people ride the bus into Manhattan.  Every.  Single.  Day.  No, seriously, I looked it up.

In commune 2.0 I really had the best possible bus scenario.  There was an Express bus stop across the street from the apartment that made 5 or so stops before bee-lining it into Manhattan.  This bus ran every 10 minutes so it was pretty fool-proof.

My mornings looked like this:
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goodbye commune

To recap where we are so far:

  • We bought a boat in order to live on it.
  • We are fixing said boat.
  • We gave up our apartment.
  • We moved into The Commune.
  • We are still fixing the boat.
  • The Commune timeline is running short since AllesGirl and HerSpouse are moving to Berlin.
  • We are moving into a friend of a friend’s apartment very soon.

It’s a little kooky…

It is amazing how many things there are to do before one moves out.  Three days before the Great Disbanding my Better Half and I ran errands, picked up needed items, and helped pack things for storage while AllesGirl crammed items into the 5 suitcases they were taking with them to Berlin. (HerSpouse was on a trip in Cancun Mexico – he is an airline pilot too – and the photos he sent while he was relaxing on the beach were NOT HELPING ANYTHING.)  We had many discussions about what was needed to bring versus what was wanted to bring.  I’ll say that it’s much easier to make decisions when it’s not your stuff.

Two days before The Great Disbanding we packed up our meager (not meager; how are we going to fit all this crap on our boat?) possessions + Kommune Kittehs and moved into Commune 2.0.  The following day we stopped by Commune 1.0 after work and helped pack up AllesGirl and HerSpouse with last minute stuff.  The idea was to load the neatly packed suitcases into the truck, the 4 of us would drive to one final Commune dinner where we would toast our brilliance with witty remarks, and then we would drop them off at their hotel where they would stay one final night before departing the following day, refreshed, relaxed and jubilant in their adventure.  The reality was more like this:


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Quarters in The Commune

At some point AllesGirls‘ mom bought state quarter collection books for herself, AllesGirl, and AllesGirls siblings. HerSpouse and AllesGirls’ mom send quarters to each other fast and furious and they know which ones are needed to complete their respective collections.

We are now trained to look for certain mints of certain states every time we get change.

After the yard sale it was Game On and we went through the quarters to look for Wyoming with a “D” (the East Coast mint). That was the last one needed to complete AllesGirls’ moms collection. We found one!  Triumphantly, HerSpouse sent it through the mail.

Only, it wasn’t Wyoming that we needed, it was Wisconsin.

We gave up.

Yard saleing for sailing

As I may have mentioned, AllesGirl and HerSpouse are moving to Berlin, Germany (not Berlin, New Jersey, as was a common misconception among some of The Locals). This means that the four of us, in addition to forming a Commune and being generally goofy, are all downsizing, getting rid of a lot of things, and basically Making Big Life Changes. We decided to pool our resources and have a moving sale to end all moving sales at the beginning of the Summer.

We did.

It was a lot of work.

We made some money.

It was worth it (barely).

We took no pictures because we were too busy.

We didn’t eat lunch because we were too busy.

We sold a lot of stuff.

There were some unscrupulous people who stole things. We figure that if you steal from a yard sale you are a kleptomaniac, are very bad off, or are a jerk.

It’s hard to see your things go to strangers for less than a 10th of what you paid. However, it’s just stuff and was weighing us down…


Freer and lighter, we are doing our best to move on with the business of living bigger and better lives full of excitement, not stuff.