the good parts and then some

I want to skip over a few things and just move on to the good parts.  I am not going to write in-depth about the delivery captain because he turned out to be a colossal jerk.  If you would like to see a list of my complaints just go to the bottom of this post where I make an attempt, fairly unsuccessfully, to be humorously vitriolic.

If, however, you would like to read about the good and positive bits, just keep reading…

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NC to NJ

All this time our Delivery Captain and his girlfriend of 5 months were bringing our boat from North Carolina to our slip in New Jersey.

I was antsy but we kept getting beautiful photographs every few days.  He fixed our engine so that it could be run and was traveling up the ICW by sail and by motor.

Traveling slowly.

Well, it’s a sailboat.


We have been in Commune 2.0 for a week.  We installed under-counter lights as a thank-you.

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Apologies are due

Let me start out by saying: I’m not sure which deity we colossally pissed off.  It can’t be one of the usual watery suspects of Neptune, Poseidon, or Davey Jones because our boat has been on dry land for 99.5% of the time since we bought it.

Jupiter is supposed to be the god of weather…

Or maybe it’s Murphy of Murphy’s Law…

Whatever or whomever it is: Your Shit’s Getting Old.


Either we owe Someone an apology or, karmically, things are going to get really, really good.