The family who chips together

…must own a steel boat.

If you’re a regular reader you know that I like to kvetch about the state of our boat.  Reference all previous posts for shining examples.

If you’re not a regular reader let me catch you up to speed: we live aboard a steel boat that is nearly 30 years old.  It wasn’t taken well taken care of for a few years. We are fixing it and, though everything that sits in the water is safe/repaired/rust free, our deck is rusty and we aren’t willing to pay someone to fix it when we can just as easily do it ourselves (read: we don’t want to spend the money).


Up to speed.

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Begin with the end in mind

Begin with the end in mind.

Stephen Covey wrote that in his book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. It’s habit #2, as I just found out.  I’ve read that book, truly I have, and though the other six of those habits elude me at the moment, this one obviously left an impression.  Maybe I should read it again…

Anyway, I don’t believe that my particular scenario of backward-working was what he had intended with this particular Successful-Person habit.

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Oh the sewing machine, the sewing machine

I can’t help it.  I am a product of my impressionable youth (which I’ve recounted before).  Every time someone says the words Sewing Machine I sing this song from The Perils of Pauline.  I saw the movie when I was Single Digits Old and my brain had room for Show Tunes.  At least now I sing it in my head because someone says Sewing Machine an awful lot in my line of work.

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Arthur update

My Better Half’s flight left and got in very, very early.  I went to pick him up then we went back to bed; neither of us had slept much.

A couple of hours later the boat-repair yard guy sent a text (which was very nice):

Yur boat is fine.

Oh, thank God.

Apologies are due

Let me start out by saying: I’m not sure which deity we colossally pissed off.  It can’t be one of the usual watery suspects of Neptune, Poseidon, or Davey Jones because our boat has been on dry land for 99.5% of the time since we bought it.

Jupiter is supposed to be the god of weather…

Or maybe it’s Murphy of Murphy’s Law…

Whatever or whomever it is: Your Shit’s Getting Old.


Either we owe Someone an apology or, karmically, things are going to get really, really good.

Why is this happening?

Funnily enough, the impending Tropical Storm didn’t weaken, didn’t turn South, and didn’t do what we wanted it to.  So strange…

There was my Better Half, alone in Beaufort, NC, relying on the kindness of strangers (Lou and Nancy from Barry Duckworth, we are forever in your debt).  I was in The Commune, commuting to New York, trying to make money and be a productive member of society.  And, for a little while, we had a third member of our relationship: Arthur, as he came to be called.

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