About Us

We are Debby and Peter and we left NYC for NJ in order to live on an Amazon 37 steel sailboat with our two cats, Lola and Winston.

We are the third owners of this 1987 boat; built by SP Metalcraft in British Columbia, the original owners sailed her around the world and then some!  We purchased her in North Carolina with the intent of moving aboard as soon as we could.  Unfortunately, there were holes in the hull and we had to wait while major repair work was done by the North Carolina boat yard.  After the repair we hired a delivery captain relocate her to New Jersey so we could finally move aboard.

Living aboard is exciting and challenging and busy and very rewarding.  We are doing our best to document our experiences seasoned with a good dose of humor!  If you would like to start at the beginning please click here for our very first post.

Our long-term goal: sail off into the sunset.

Our short-term goal: keep the boat from sinking!

3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Thank you for your follow of the floating allotment…it is, however, a now abandoned blog and my new one (with many of my previous posts imported) is Sans Souci and Me. Your follow prompted me to clean up my act and I thank you for that too 🙂


      1. Oh dear, I’ve tried to make my old blog private and not link but it’s notvworking. I think I will have to delete it 😦 Thank you for persevering..I really appreciate it 🙂


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