Boats, boats, boats!

Here in New York City we get the best boats. Case in point: Spirit of Bermuda, a three-masted sloop modeled after an 1831 painting of a Royal Navy sloop-of-war. This beautiful ship was tied up just two docks away from us this summer. We rowed over in our little inflatable dinghy, chatted with the crew, and checked her out.



It’s not often that you get to see raked masts.

There are plenty of interesting looking boats that ply the waters of the Hudson.

Look at all those sails!

We get power boats galore; some even with their own helicopter.


Early in the spring we were graced by Lending Club 2 a racing trimaran that took up most of the width of the Canal.

This picture was taken from the top of the canal. See the hawk-looking thing? That’s the giant trimaran…

We also saw the Coast Guard Barque Eagle by the Statue of Liberty but missed that photo op..

Here’s the photo I didn’t get.

Needless to say, if it’s important in the boating world, it’s probably going to show up here.


Fanciness aside, one of my local favorites is a working boat that sits nearly adjacent to us across the Canal. I’m not sure that it has a name (so is it really a boat?). It’s a big square platform that floats on the water but has a movable piling at each corner. This allows the floating platform to be raised and lowered as needed. It’s awesome.

As I said, it’s a working boat so it’s not always around. But, when it is and the tide is right, a boater in a low boat would potentially be able to row under it. Which Peter and I may or may not have done…

…and out the other side!

This makes me so happy. Every. Single. Time.


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