let’s try this again

I’ll state the obvious: it’s been a long time since my last post.  6ish months – which is to say, there’s loads to catch up on.  I’ll hit the highlights for those who are waiting with baited breath to discover if we are dead or divorced (no and no).

  1. We still live aboard (and we love it!).
  2. The dodger that I wrote about in my last post isn’t finished.  There’s a story to this; there’s always a story.
  3. We both still work full times in our corporate jobs.
  4. The cats are alive…and thriving.

There have been many, many, many, many, many, many things that have happened in the 190 days between the last post and this one.  Much work has been done though we have had our share of sundowners, sails, sunsets, and lazy weekends.  After all, we live on a boat – how responsible can we really be?

Be back tomorrow with more juicy (or extremely boring, depending on how you look at it) details.

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