Skipper Joe in the Galley Show!

On the boat next to us lives Skipper Joe; a musical, funny, all-around gifted dude.  He was the neighbor who provided the impromptu musical interlude between our de-naming ceremony and our naming ceremony.  The song he sang was Mr. Blue Sky (a totally appropriate song for a sailboat any time but especially during a completely-non-solemn ceremony) which may have been the highlight of the afternoon.

Mr. Blue Sky by Joe!
Mr. Blue Sky by Skipper Joe!  Also: I miss t-shirt weather!

Recently he made a video (in collaboration with his friend, Alison) about cooking on a boat: Skipper Joe in the Galley Show!  I can’t say enough nice things about these two talented people, you will just have to watch the video for yourself!

It’s the first of many and I know it will be a smashing success.

It's Skipper Joe!
It’s Skipper Joe!

If you want to do the Facebook thing there is a page to like.

Joe and Alison are just two of the amazing people we have met in this marina; boat people are the best people!

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