Water Central part 2

The last time I wrote about Water Central it was to mention that we ran new hose.

To the galley sink.

The bathroom sink got decommissioned at that point because we didn’t have enough new hose to reach it.  This meant washing our hands and brushing our teeth in the kitchen and admiring the decorative faucet in the bathroom.

Beautiful decoration, no?
Beautiful decoration, no?

As it happens with projects sometimes, it got put on the back burner.  It’s not like we didn’t have running water, for goodness sake, it just didn’t run to more than one place.
Long story short: new hose got run recently and we have water to the bathroom again!  There was a minimum of Boat Yoga involved and not too much cursing.  All in all: a success!

For whatever reason our pressurized water pump now pumps better with two hoses hooked to it (I know there’s science behind this, I just don’t know what it is).

While Water Central was open I got a picture in order to marvel at how efficiently my Better Half has organized it.


The brown filter on the left is for our non-pressurized fresh water foot pump in the galley.  The white filter at the top is for the pressurized water.  The pressurized water pump is the black thing next to the filter.  The floor is not in great shape…

The new faucet works beautifully though it is not Low Flow and we could run our water tanks dry with an aggressive hand washing.  This, however, is far from a realistic problem as we don’t have hot water.  There are no indulgent hand washing sessions on this boat.   Or showers.

I honestly felt fancy the first time I could wash my hands in the bathroom.   It’s the little things…

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