Deutschland, Deutschland – day 2

Day 2 we took the train to see the the East Side Gallery, a section of the Berlin Wall that has been preserved as a giant art canvas.  It is quite long and there are beautiful and iconic art installations on display.  After crossing the Oberbaum Bridge into West Berlin we remarked on the drastic change of feeling between East and West even now, nearly 30 years after the Wall came down.

After a surprisingly good Mexican lunch we walked down to Treptower Park to see the Soviet Memorial.  The sun had set and the moon was rising; the area is not lit except inside the memorial under the giant statue but it was awe-inspiring nonetheless!

A train ride back to Checkpoint Charlie completed our night.  The fall of the Wall and the end of the Cold War is something that we all remember; Berlin is full of history and the city has done an admirable job in remembering it’s past, both the good and the bad…

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