a pause or gap in a sequence

I have taken a hiatus from writing due to a couple of reasons.  Recovering from health problems for one, winter for another, inertia for yet another.

The health problem thing is on the mend.  A surgery, a two-night stay in the hospital plus a stay in an air b&b condo for a few days were my time away from Devilfish.  I’ve been back for a couple of weeks, convalescing.  And now that I’m off the narcs I’m probably safe to write, though one never knows…

Winter is something that’s an ever-present challenge. We’ve had sub-zero temperatures, freezing rain, snow, wind, and Ice, Ice, Baby.  Winter, as they say, sucks.

blizzard conditions

My third reason, inertia, is one of those things that’s hard to define (though Wikipedia does a good job).  In our case I’m not talking about Newtonian physics, I’m talking about how we’re comfortable and it’s cold and we are pretty much sorted out and we haven’t wanted to do much at all…  We stay so cozy in our little home; it’s easier to sit inside in the 72-75 degrees (one little electric heater does the trick) than venture into the cold.  Pulling up floor panels means a flood of frigid air from the bilge.  Opening cupboards is virtually the same.  Warm is comfortable; cold is not.

Oh, we will get back to it.  Eventually.

Now excuse me while I put my feet up and finish my cup of tea…

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