Our first sail

Time travel through the magic of blogging…

Two weekends after our boat naming party we took our first sail.

The conversation went something like this:

My Better Half: Do you want to take the boat out today?

Me: Yes!

An hour later we were casting off our lines and reversing out of the slip.  So exciting!  We motored down the Morris canal toward the Hudson.  Should we go right (down river) or left (up river)?  I voted left because there were a lot less boats there and I didn’t want to crash into anyone.  Silly me…

We motored for a bit then my Better Half asked if we should put the sails up.

Can we?  I asked.  Silly me…

Let me just make one thing clear: I have never, ever, in my entire life sailed on a sailboat before.

Good.  That’s out of the way.

We put up the foresail.

We put up the main.

We tacked back and forth a bit, getting the hang of everything.

We turned the engine off.  It was magical.

We messed about in our boat for quite some time, nearly making it to the George Washington Bridge (not really, only about 65th or so, but still…).  I had a marvelous time and our first sail was a resounding success!

I took this picture of my Better Half when we were leaving the canal.  It's a little blurry but our home was moving!
I took this picture of my Better Half when we were leaving the canal. It’s a little blurry… And, no that’s not a beer, it’s my fizzy water.
I am so happy in this photo!
I am so happy in this photo!

3 thoughts on “Our first sail

  1. Hi! I’ve joined blogging101 and the assignment today was to follow five new blogs. I came across yours as I searched for the tag ‘sailing’. I live on a yacht with my husband, we sailed Fandancer to Greece from the UK and we spend our time sailing around the Greek Islands. We also have a new crew member, a Greek cat called Artemis. We found her as a kitten and now she is very happy living aboard with us.
    Your adventures sound fun! I’m looking forward to reading more. Nice photos too.


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