Happily into the New Year

We had a marvelous New Year celebration with AllesGirl and HerSpouse on Devilfish; The Commune was reunited once again!

We watched movies: Captain Ron, because boat and Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle, because, well Jersey, and I made a dinner that lasted four hours.

We watched fireworks from Liberty Island at midnight, wore glow necklaces provided by AllesGirl, toasted the New Year with champagne, and were generally our goofy selves.  It was great!


Lola got into the spirit!
Lola got into the spirit!
Taken by AllesGirl - so festive!
This was taken by AllesGirl – so festive!

New Year’s Eve Dinner menu:

This menu creates minimum dishes while providing maximum enjoyment!

1st Appetizer: Cantaloupe melon slices wrapped with prosciutto

2nd Appetizer: BLT endive boats

3rd Appetizer: Crostini with Quark cheese and pepper jelly

4th Appetizer: Bacon wrapped dates

5th Appetizer:  Cucumber bites with spicy tomatoes

Main course: Pureed roasted root vegetable soup with peppered croutons

(Dessert was going to be molten chocolate cakes but we ran out of room…)

These appetizers can be made ahead or you can do what I did and just make each one after the previous one is finished…


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