Why’d you call it that?

We named our boat Devilfish in honor of my grandpa who was an officer on a diesel submarine of this name during WWII.  (He was made an officer because, on a different diesel sub, he saved the boat and crew after a battery failure.)

Each officer of the USS Devilfish received a set of andirons in the shape of devilfish and my dad gave me the set from my grandpa’s a few years ago.  We have had them in our fireplace ever since and we love them!

In our old apartment...
In our old apartment…

Years ago, when we first started talking about what to name our hypothetical boat, my Better Half came up with Rura Penthe.  This is the prison island that Captain Nemo escaped in Jules Verne’s (and Disney’s) 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  For some reason he had a hard time convincing me that this was an appropriate boat name.  I am pretty geeky but there was just too much ‘splainin to do with that one.


Devilfish is easy.  There is no other documented vessel with this name in the USCG database so we are pretty unique.  Also, it’s a good story…

I got fancy in Photoshop...
I got fancy in Photoshop…  The funny thing is that I created this before we even took possession of the boat.  I never noticed that the font is almost the same as the one we chose for our transom!

5 thoughts on “Why’d you call it that?

  1. Hoo yah to your grandfather. My boyfriend and I are both previous submariners moving onto our sailboat! Glad to have found your site! Fair winds and following seas!


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