starting from scratch

First full day on the boat: game on!

Let’s take stock of what we need and/or what is broken:

  • The toilet (I’ve already mentioned that)
  • There is no stove
  • There is no refrigerator 
  • Household linens are in storage (somewhere).
  • Now that we are living without air conditioning I need some hot-weather clothes.
  • We are out of beer

We went to Target and purchased the following (among other things):

  • a box fan
  • two pair of shorts and tee shirts for yours truly
  • a tiny refrigerator
  • dish towels
  • garbage can
  • cat litter
  • stuff to clean the floor
  • tiny ironing board
  • an outdoor mat for the dock
  • etc, etc, etc

Here is a picture of my Better Half with our two carts that we had filled to the brim with important items.  

wait, we want to have less stuff, not more stuff!

The fridge just fit in the empty fridge hole on the boat.  It’s the size of a portable safe but it’s nice to have cold milk and eggs and butter.  It’s been decided that I can’t live without a fridge…  It will do until I can buy my dream refrigerator in the distant future.

Everything we bought was useful and necessary (well, maybe not the green dish towels, but a girl needs some brightness!).  

Welcome to our boat, stuff!


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