moving day again

We were able to take possession of our boat the day after it was delivered.  We dropped off the rental car to the delivery captain and then drove back to Commune 2.0 where we gathered our things, collected HerSpouse, and packed the commune kittehs into the car.  It was pretty tight.  When we left Commune 1.0 we had a full car and, now, we have a whole other person (along with his own things) with us.  


No one was comfortable for that journey but we somehow made it.

It was monumental to be able to walk onto our own boat and know that no one else was going to be there; that it was truly our to enjoy!  I almost cried but I was too busy unloading cats and trees and other things.  

The commune kittehs did remarkably well when they were finally unleashed.  Lola was surprised and exploratory.  Winston was a large fuzzy lump in the depths of the vee berth.



We bought ourselves some beer and relaxed in the cockpit, finally doing what we had dreamt of for so long.  No matter that HerSpouse had to leave at 4:30 in the morning to fly a trip (at least, it didn’t matter to us, I don’t think he was super excited about it).

We took this picture of our extreme happiness.


We watched our first sunset while Lola watched a family of ducks.  All was right in the world.  

extreme ridiculousness down below.



Except for our broken toilet.  Other than that, all was right in the world.

our view.  Not bad.
our view. Not bad.

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