NC to NJ

All this time our Delivery Captain and his girlfriend of 5 months were bringing our boat from North Carolina to our slip in New Jersey.

I was antsy but we kept getting beautiful photographs every few days.  He fixed our engine so that it could be run and was traveling up the ICW by sail and by motor.

Traveling slowly.

Well, it’s a sailboat.


We have been in Commune 2.0 for a week.  We installed under-counter lights as a thank-you.

Our boat is closer than it ever has been.  We track their progress on the map as they give us updates:

  • The head (that’s toilet for you non-boatistes) doesn’t work.
  • The GPS doesn’t work.
  • The compass is off by 20 degrees.
  • Hurricane Bertha is messing everything up and they have to stop for a couple of days.  In Annapolis.
  • There are winter-like weather conditions (winds from the north, currents and vague threats of foul weather).
  • They just can’t make very good time.
  • They stop and purchase a small outboard motor which they use on our dinghy.  With the cost of the motor they are going to break even on this trip.
  • The wheel broke.

They make it to Atlantic City after 13 days (delivery was supposed to take 10-12 days but, with the weather…).  I can’t take it any more, I suggest that we drive down and see them, which we did.

We took them to dinner and took some pictures.  I couldn’t sit on my boat for long – I just wanted to stay and stay and I started to get sad that we didn’t have it in our possession yet!  


look for the tall mast...
look for the tall mast…
in the slip
in the slip


night view…
the broken wheel

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