Unlikely lessons

Things start to turn around.

I was complaining to a friend who I work with that we were soon to be homeless.  We have options but some of them are very far away and some of them cost too much money, blah, blah, blah…  I must have sounded pretty pathetic because she hopped on her phone and sent a text to one of her friends asking if we could use her apartment.  I was immediately chagrined.  I shouldn’t ask people for help; it is a bother and a nuisance.

Lesson #1: ask for help when needed.

I said: wait, we have two cats.

I said: it will be an awful inconvenience.

I said: no need, we will find something else.

Lesson #2: Don’t refuse a gift before you’re given it.

My friend said: oh, she got back to me and says it’s no problem and a friend of mine is a friend of hers!

Lesson #3: there are some truly amazingly, fundamentally kind people in the world.

It turns out that my work friend is going on vacation for two weeks and her friend will be house sitting for her.  It was just a matter of telling the friend which day would work best for us to move in (two days before The Commune disbanded) and she went to stay with my friend a few days early.  She said it was like a vacation in the country.  I was overwhelmed by her generosity and kindness.

Lesson #3 bears repeating: there are some truly amazing, fundamentally kind people in the world.

So THANK YOU to Marija and Jodi.  We couldn’t have done this without you…  And thank you for teaching us these lessons.  After being swindled and spindled for such a long time we kind of forgot that spontaneous kindness does exist.


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