what to do?

Considering that we are homeless in under a month we need to make something happen quick.  Two Kommune Kittehs are fun but they are a big liability when trying to find temporary housing.  I can’t (can) understand why.  Let’s try to bring our bought and paid for home here so we can just live on it and not have to worry about it any more…ok?

I had been sending out email after email to anyone I could find on line.  My messages were very similar to the ones I had sent before.  I was getting depressed and hopeless and really, really sad…

The cure came in the form of my lovely friend, Jill.  She is remarkable and talented and beautiful and full of magical optimism.  She gave me the nudge I needed after a girlDate in New York.  I kicked my grouchy, self-defeating attitude to the curb and good things started happening!

First, people started getting back to me with realistic quotes for bringing the boat up.  I had two solid leads which was 200% more hope than we had had before.

Next, one of the rocks my Better Half had kicked over when he was braving the storm was turning out to be promising.  The man who had taken charge of getting the measurements for the potential truck move knew someone who might be willing and able to take it up.

So we were up 300%.  We actually had to weigh our options; the pros and cons of each person and what they could offer, which was a remarkable position to be in.  I am trying to think of an analogy but words fail me…  Needless to say: we have options for the first time in a long time.

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