Why is this happening?

Funnily enough, the impending Tropical Storm didn’t weaken, didn’t turn South, and didn’t do what we wanted it to.  So strange…

There was my Better Half, alone in Beaufort, NC, relying on the kindness of strangers (Lou and Nancy from Barry Duckworth, we are forever in your debt).  I was in The Commune, commuting to New York, trying to make money and be a productive member of society.  And, for a little while, we had a third member of our relationship: Arthur, as he came to be called.

Yes, Arthur was marching up the Florida coast toward my spouse and my home.

My Better Half was told initially that he could tie the boat up to the dock and that he would just have to weather the storm.  Other boats were getting hauled out and put onto the hard in preparation for the impending doom.

He went to the marine supply store and bought new lines.  He put out all the fenders.  People who had the good sense to have other options in life stopped by to see if he needed anything (Don and Lily from Spring Day, thank you for being kind human beings who look out for other human beings).

He had visions of riding out the storm like Lt. Dan

I had visions of finding his broken body along some muddy riverbank wrapped in the tattered remains of our sails.

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