The fun of commuting

Back when we lived in our perfect enclave in the West Village I commuted by Subway.

I was literally a 4 minute walk and one stop on the express line from my work.

Now that we live in The Commune I commute by NJT (which I believe stands for Not Just Terrible…).  My commute has increased in cost from $5.00 per day to $13.50 per day.  Commute time has increased from 10 minutes (tops) to an hour each way on a good day.  The most romantic part is that I get to traverse Penn Station and experience what a shithole it is.  Every. Single. Day.

I don’t know how people do it.  If I didn’t think that this was temporary I wouldn’t be able to ride that train every day for the rest of my working life.  I would go nutso (even more than I already am).

Here’s a picture that I took during one particularly lovely day when there were two delayed trains.

oh the humanity!
oh the humanity!

I was down in that melee when I seriously started to have a panic attack so I wormed my way out and took a picture.

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