Yard saleing for sailing

As I may have mentioned, AllesGirl and HerSpouse are moving to Berlin, Germany (not Berlin, New Jersey, as was a common misconception among some of The Locals). This means that the four of us, in addition to forming a Commune and being generally goofy, are all downsizing, getting rid of a lot of things, and basically Making Big Life Changes. We decided to pool our resources and have a moving sale to end all moving sales at the beginning of the Summer.

We did.

It was a lot of work.

We made some money.

It was worth it (barely).

We took no pictures because we were too busy.

We didn’t eat lunch because we were too busy.

We sold a lot of stuff.

There were some unscrupulous people who stole things. We figure that if you steal from a yard sale you are a kleptomaniac, are very bad off, or are a jerk.

It’s hard to see your things go to strangers for less than a 10th of what you paid. However, it’s just stuff and was weighing us down…


Freer and lighter, we are doing our best to move on with the business of living bigger and better lives full of excitement, not stuff.

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