Splash Day!

You read that right: our baby/home is going to go into water for the first time in two years!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


My Better Half’s very good friend from High School (actually, grade school) flew out to witness the momentous occasion.  The fact that he has been working on Coast Guard engines for over 20 years was a tiny factor…  So, he was there as an observer and also unpaid help.  We figured he would be handy to have around.  We were right.

She got put put into slings and was transported along the primrose path via a giant boat lift.  My Better Half and CoastieGuy watched with anticipation.  Slowly she was lowered into the water.  It was a momentous occasion.

Suddenly CoastieGuy asked: Did you put out lines and fenders?

photo 5
this is the giant sling thing!

They sprang into action, clambered aboard and found all the necessary things in Narnia.  She proceeded to the dock where she was securely and gently tied off.

We’ve never owned a boat that floats before!

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