It’s the little things

The paint is done!  We can finally move on with our lives!

My Better Half traveled to NC in order to be there for Splash Day.  It’s hard to believe it’s actually happening!

When he arrived the boatyard presented him with a bill for a Lot of Money; small little jobs they had done that added up to a large amount.

To be fair we had discussed all the things as projects we had wanted to do.  However, nothing was set in stone; we hadn’t signed off on how much each thing was going to cost so we were completely blindsided by this enormous bill.  We had had no invoices, no estimates, no advance warning…  My Better Half said that we wouldn’t pay it, couldn’t pay it.  We hadn’t authorized these repairs.

Through smooth talking (I assume, I wasn’t there…) my Better Half got the bill down to a reasonable amount.  We ended up paying for work that had been done but did not pay the exorbitant labor rates.  Can’t squeeze blood from a turnip.  

This was an altogether unpleasant start to this whole enterprise…

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