Color Scheme and stuff

We negotiated to have the boat painted after all the holes were fixed.  Since this was the most exciting thing to have happened in recent memory and something I actually had control over I decided that it should not be painted white.  We discussed a couple of options and finally settled on a color called Flag Blue.  Photoshop is my friend and I quickly mocked up what we wanted it to look like.  The picture isn’t high-res but it was the only one we had that would work…  The boatyard said that it would cost more to paint it blue than to paint it white; there was more prep and it was more time consuming.  Whatever, we said.  The cost was marginal and the time will be fine.  How bad could it be?

boat color Flag Blue
I think it will look even better in real life.

I seriously can’t wait.

Also, everything is going to go so much more quickly now that all the problems have been found, right?!

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