water inside and out

By this point we were in the midst of despair.  Our boat was full of holes. We weren’t living on it (reference: commune living).  We had gotten rid of our beautiful West Village apartment .  We were spending mucho $$$ on nothing tangible.  In summary: not what we expected.

We got this email:

I am including the contract for the Water hose and fitting renewal, per your conversation.  This email confirms your verbal authorization to proceed, and to run your card today for the deposit amount.
Also, he provided me with the stove measurement you needed:  23.25″ wide x 25.5″ deep
Here is a quick photo tour of the issues you spoke with… about on the phone this morning.
Plugged thru-hull with plastic ninety and duct tape:  Wire reinforced hose goes to a bronze fitting to a wooden plug.
plugged thru hull with plastic ninety and duct tape
 Salt/Fresh hose left/right:  The salt goes from thru-hull to the whale.  It’s a direct system.  Fresh water hose is yellowed and degraded.
Salt water hose on right, fresh on left in hand
Salt water hose, duct tape and clamp:  Different view of the other end of the Fresh water hose.
Salt water hose, duct tape and clamp
Thru-hull plug:  This is one of the junctions… recommended capping.
thru hull plug
Water Service Junction:  System pressurizes the head and the faucets, but the filter is installed backwards, so there is a huge amount of excess hose.  Also, there are two hook-ups for the faucet, coming off the same hose, so all you have to that faucet is cold water, vice cold/hot.  Thru-hull provides salt water to the whale pump. One line goes to the fresh water whale under the sink.  The other system leads to the center faucet, and also has a huge excess of hose tangled behind the filter. The water filter is a Plymouth, which appears to be out of production; it’s unclear whether we’ll be able to source cartridges for it, but there is a box of cartridges on the boat.  
Water service junction

Sooooo, everything is wrong.  The water outside the boat (IF the boat ever gets into the water again) is coming inside through the holes.  The water inside the boat is shitty and not fit to drink.  There are intentional holes that are secured with duct tape and plastic that are about to implode.



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