My better half returned from looking at the disaster that was our boat.  I needed to know how big things were so we could buy a new:

stove (you know… to cook). ‘Cause ours is now garbage.

refrigerator (you know… to keep food cold).  ‘Cause the previous one caused our boat to rust.


There are many people in the sailing community who exist and have long, happy lives without refrigeration.  They buy eggs and store them and turn them over and everyone is fine without cold food.

Some people are able to function without stoves and do things with candles and alcohol or something magical and are happy with what they have.

I am not one of those people.  At least, not right now.  It’s possible that in a couple of years, or months, or weeks I will think differently and be fine with warm eggs and curdled milk.  At this point I feel the need for the comforts of my heretofore privileged and easy life.

Here is the schematic that the boatyard sent to us with dimensions



Ok.  Good to know what I have to work with.


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