kommune kitties

When we moved into AllesGirl and HerSpouses back room we brought enough stuff to almost fill the back of a 10 foot box truck. We also brought our two cats, Winston and Lola.

we don't own this rug any more...
we don’t own this rug any more…

Let me be clear: cats are not allowed in our rental commune house.

Winston and Lola weren’t happy to be transported via moving truck across state lines and into a tiny room. They are 5 years old and this move was difficult on them, mostly because everything they were used to having in their lives (furniture, multiple rooms, etc) was gone. We brought their scratching post, toys, food dishes and their love blanket. Their love blanket is a microfiber throw that we put across the bottom of the bed to keep Winston sleeping on our feet, not on our faces. They will sometimes get on this blanket and love on it, kneading with their paws and purring…  This is why we call it the love blanket.

kommune kittehs on the love blanket
kommune kittehs asleep on the love blanket

It was a hard transition for all of us (AllesGirl remarked that two weeks in she didn’t think we were gonna make it. I felt the same way).  But… we settled in to our routine. We started calling ourselves The Commune and The Commune has adopted the kitties.

Lola is the more outgoing kitty.

Hi! I’m Lola!

She is smart and small and bad and cute (which is a good thing because she’s very bad). When she’s hungry or wants attention she will pull magnets off the refrigerator, knock items off shelves, and rip up paper using her teeth while holding it down with her paws.

standing on top of the refrigerator. Note that the absence of magnets…
sleeping in front of the radiator is the best…
so many toys!

She also has the sweetest face, the softest fur, and loves to be petted on her terms.


Winston is fat and finicky and slow and clumsy.

Winston is very black.
Winston is very black.
and handsome!

He is a lover and would sleep on my face if I let him (the reason for the love blanket).

on his back on my lap
asleep on his back on my lap

He’s also perpetually startled, skittish and weird. He has giant fangs and huge whiskers.

so comfy!
perpetually startled kitty is perpetually startled.
snuggle face

They’ve mellowed out quite a bit and now snuggle, play and perform for the commune almost as much as when they had only two parents.


And, yes, they will be moving onto the boat with us.

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