it’s going to get better

There’s not much to say at this point except that we were just waiting for updates from our boatyard.

One finally came through:

Here are some photos of the areas that we discussed with you earlier.  It’s going to get better!

The water had pooled up against a stringer, which is a horizontal piece of steel that provides structural support, and basically rusted it through.  To get to it the entire galley had to be disassembled and taken out.  No problem, it happens every day.

Oh yeah, and it turns out that the aluminum water tanks had been dripping condensation onto the inside of the boat for years and years and years…


And the accompanying pictures:

Prep for Welding
This is where the stove used to be. good thing I spent so much time cleaning it!
Stringer Port side
The horizontal line is supposed to be a piece of steel. Steel without rust.
Stringer port side 2
Another lovely shot of that rusty stringer.
What is left of stringers
This is how the stringer looked after it was broken apart. No tools were used, just fingers…
Rotten plywood under tank
The water tanks had been condensing, dripping, and generally wrecking havoc. 
Holes thru hull under tank bed
After the water tanks were ripped out it looked so pretty.  And clean.

NOW all the problems have been found, right?



Please say yes…

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