the welder will save the day

So after the good news about the many, many tiny holes and the few big holes (big holes were rust #1, little holes were rust #2.  Ish…) in our beautiful, rusty, dirty boat, we received this e-mail:

The welder was able to come and look at your boat this morning.  He walked the boat and will have a report to us early next week; perhaps even as soon as Monday.  In the mean time, our crew has been repairing the spots on the hull above the water line.  They have sandblasted and metal primed those spots, and we’ll begin filling this afternoon.

Now that’s awesome news!  It looks like we’ll be able to get this buttoned up quickly and get on with the business of living on our boat!

The welder is going to fix everything.  It’s going to be terrific!

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