and so it goes…

Here’s the next communique we received from our boatyard:

Included are some pictures of the bottom sand blasting as it is coming along this afternoon.  There are an additional 13 holes on the port side – most of them the size of a pea, a few the size of a dime.  The crew will be putting the primer on as discussed with you this evening.  
I also wanted to see if there were any questions on the updated estimates and summary email I sent yesterday for the #1 Spot repair to remove rust areas and #2 Sand blast prime and paint.  Do we have your authorization to run the remaining deposit amount of (insert large amount of $ here) on the credit card on file? 
We will give you a call on Monday with another update and will send you more pictures.  I hope you both have a great weekend.
That great weekend thing was a bit of a stretch after reading that.  I also had not given the authorization for the credit card because I hoped that if I ignored it the problem would go away…  It didn’t.  We paid.
So here we have pictures of our boat sandblasted down to metal (and then with primer slapped over it quickly so it wouldn’t rust more).  At least we have found all the problems, right?
Port Hull Mar 14
Port Hull 2 Mar 14
Port Hull 4 Mar 14
Port Hull 3 Mar 14

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