Survey time

Before a boat purchase is finalized a survey must be conducted.  Our apartment is in New York City; our boat is in Beaufort, NC.  In NYC we think nothing of conducting most of our business over the internet.  We have found that this is not as much the case in NC.

We contacted 4 different surveyors and one got back to us.  Well, he was our man.

My Better Half traveled to NC in order to be part of the survey action.  There was 3″ of ice and snow on top of our boat and it was sitting in the middle of a lake on it’s jacks (this is called “on the hard” however, the land around it is supposed to be dry).  It didn’t look like this was going to be a hugely successful survey since the boat was encased in ice.  Ken, the broker, spent a lot of time clearing off the topsides; thank goodness!

Surveying is not much fun.  To be thorough you have to poke into the dark, dank places that don’t get cleaned very often.  Also, the boat was full of stuff that had to be moved in order to see all those places.  It was a long day.

On the hard in the wet
On the hard in the wet
could be cleaner
could be cleaner
so much stuff
so much stuff


Hand written notes...
Hand written notes…

And then we bought it.

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